Our History


The Moore’s Market Klobase recipe is a family treasure that was created, shared, perfected and is now being marketed for all to enjoy.

In the Late 19th century many Czechoslovakian immigrants made their way to America with hopes and dreams of a prosperous life in our great country.  Among those were our family’s ancestors Rudolph Adamcik and Charles Jezek. Their ships landed in Galveston, Texas where they began the immigration process.  Initially the Jezeks and Adamciks settled in south central Texas but soon heard the announcement of “free land” that was being opened for settlement in Oklahoma.   These men were instrumental in the settlement of a small Czech community that sprang up along the new train line (A, T, & SF).  These men and their fellow settlers wanted to name the community where they now lived after their beloved homeland capital of Prague. So, in 1902, Prague, Oklahoma was incorporated about 5 years before statehood. Prague’s reputation began to grow as a nice clean community to raise a family and boasted fertile soil and temperate weather. 

Charles Jezek was from a family of farmers and butchers back in the old country and naturally utilized these skills in his new community.  Shortly after the “great war” WWI, two of Charles Jezeks sons, C.F. Jezek & Frank Jezek, started what would be nearly a century of the Jezek family involvement in the retail food industry.  The grocery store that the Jezek boys opened was a natural segue into smoked sausages that were very common in their native Czechoslovakia.  A favorite sausage in their homeland was Klobase which proved to be a favorite in the new American settlement as well.   The Jezek grocery store continued to serve the community for over 25 years and the Jezek Klobase continued to grow in popularity.

With Leo and Frances as stewards of their family Klobase recipe, they made small but significant improvements to the recipe by insisting on premium ingredients.  The popularity of Klobase was not limited to the small community of Prague and Leo found himself making sausages for restaurants throughout the state. The grocery business was very good in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and Leo’s fame as a sausage maker continued to grow.  Leo and his “girl Friday” Frances worked side by side at Moore’s Super Market all those years while rearing their three children Karaleen, Janice, and Mike. At one time or another all of the children worked at Moore’s Super Market and many life lessons were learned while working side by side with their parents.  Leo maintained the highest quality standards for his famous Klobase and instilled his children with his strict work ethic.

Though Leo and Frances are no longer with us, their legacy lives on in the small town of Prague, OK through their famous Klobase recipe.  Their children have raised families of their own and have dreamed of the day that they could share Klobase with the world. Under the banner of “MooresMarket LLC” the dream is finally coming true.  In the tradition of their ancestors, Mike, his two sisters and his seven children are working together to share their premium Klobase with the world

A couple things have remained constant with Klobase:  it continues to be a favorite smoked sausage with consumers and the quality has been kept to the highest standard. You can certainly buy cheaper smoked sausages at various markets but MooresMarket Klobase will be marketed as a premium smoked sausage of the highest quality and we believe its fame will continue to grow as it has in the past.

Shortly after the end of WWII, another young man from Prague, Leo M. Moore came home after serving honorably in the Pacific Theatre of WWII.  Leo had one thing on his mind…finding and marrying his sweetheart Frances Jezek.  They were married in December of 1945 and shortly thereafter opened their own grocery store, Moore’s, across the street from the Jezek grocery store in Prague.  Not wanting to compete with his daughter and new son-in-law, C.F. Jezek persuaded his brother Frank to retire and they eventually closed the Jezek store but not before sharing his famous Klobase recipe with Leo.